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Vagabond House Squirrel Nut Bowl

This Vagabond House house is a first-class opportunity to get your hands on some acorn scoop de clue design Squirrel wood Nut bowl, this Bowl comes with scoop and is sensational for shoppers searching for a nature-friendly alternative to store and share their food.

Best Vagabond House Squirrel Nut Bowl

This Vagabond House Squirrel Nut Bowl is a beautiful piece that will make your guests stand out from the rest, it is hand-made with precision and care in mind, and it will make you and your guests stand out as the most stylish couple on the scene. This is a beneficial decorated House for your squirrel, it is well-made and is very sturdy. It is uncomplicated to clean and is a sensational addition to all yard, this Vagabond House woodland creature Squirrel Nut Bowl is an unequaled alternative for your Squirrel to feed and explore. The Bowl is covered in treats and with different shapes make it a first-rate spot for your Squirrel to ok, they have a lot of different acorns and nuts in there, so your Squirrel can have some sustenance while also getting some exercise, this is a Vagabond House glass Nut Bowl with pewter perched squirrel. 6 inch diameter, this Bowl is prime for your squirrels. They grove on it because it effortless for them to eat all their desired food.