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Snap-on Hex Nut Caps

This is an 12" diameter Hex Nut cap with an 10 ea rating, it is a great top for 12" diameter Hex bolts. The cover is made of durable snap-on materials and has a comfortable fit, it makes it easy to keep your nuts in place. The top also has a built-in wrench for easy use.

Snap-on Hex Nut Caps Amazon

This snap-on Hex Nut Caps and cover is for use with 12 diameter Hex bolts (34 wrench), it is made of durable, lightweight, yet strong, materials. It can be attached and released quickly and easily with just 10 easy pops, these Hex Nut Caps and covers are great way to protect your workshop tools and are great value for the price. This snap-on Hex Nut Caps group has Hex Nut Caps (10) in v-shaped formation On each side of the body of the cap, the cap douglas fir or other such wood frontier heavy-gauge metal. The 12-diameter Hex bolts are black plastic with white this is a set of Hex Nut Caps for 12 diameter Hex bolts that have a snap-on Caps top, the Caps can easily cover the nuts with their strong and sturdy construction. This snap-on Hex Nut Caps tops cover will fit 12 diameter Hex bolts and will help to keep your nuts in place while they are being used, it also has a coiled section that can swivel to multiple directions and a clapboard-style design.