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Rivet Nuts

What is included in this set? The set includes 150 pieces of Rivet nut flat head threaded insert stainless steel set kit.

Nut Rivet

The aluminum Rivet nut kit provides 150 pcs Rivet nuts for various makes and models of vessels, each nut is named to a specific inch in sae imperial metric system. The Rivet nuts are white, black, or green and they are set-up-ready to suit most vessels, the kit comes with one washtub and one water line to help you set-up your vessels. The of colors are black, red, blue, and yellow, this is an 150-pcs Rivet nuts stainless steel threaded insert nut flat head. It is a type of Rivet that is used to fasten pieces of wood or other material together, this is an 3-pack cast to nut Rivet tool set-14 20 38-16 that includes an 120-nd mixed Rivet nut tool kit set steel insert 14 -20 38-16. The tool set is composed of a tool and tool set, the tool set includes a tool that is a mix of steel and plastic, while the tool set includes the tools that include steel and plastic. This set is designed to work with an 14-20 rivulet tool, the blind Rivet nut tool is a must-have for any artisanry library. This powerful tool can remove blind rivets from any material with ease, the tool gives a simple design that effortless to use, even for novice artisans.