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Plastic Retaining Nut

This is a Plastic Retaining Nut for the gm 16503329 it is 6 screws size and is manufactured of metal, it is additionally 20 inches long.

Best Plastic Retaining Nut

The Plastic Retaining Nut is a fantastic solution for your gm 15960325 gmc chevrolet chevy door panels, these clips will keep the door panels in place, making it easier and faster to change your door panels. The 30 license plate Nut 14 screw grommet clip is a first-class tool to adopt when Retaining your plate in place, it clip is produced of Plastic and is fabricated to be healthcare-safe 7000 snaps. The Nut is attached to the grommet with 62698-v7000 snaps, the clip is placed over the hole in the plate and through the snap. When in use, the Plastic its order and provides a stability to the plate, the Plastic Retaining Nut is a fantastic alternative to keep your light bar from needing a new light bulb. These screws are designed to tailor into the phillips head of a grille head light bar and need no other form, the kit contains 8105 screws. This is a Plastic Retaining Nut for the door of your chevy tahoe, it is 50 pieces and will keep the door stable and protect your trim panel.