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Pem Nuts

Looking for some stainless steel bolts for your store? Search no more than the Pem nuts! These 6-32" stainless steel bolts are unrivaled for any purpose, be it cooking, political satire, or manufacturing.

Pem Clinch Nuts

The Pem clinch nuts are new and exclusive type of nuts that are sensational for self-clinching, they have a weak point that is puissant for gripping and they are uncomplicated to use. The 100-carat weigh is due to the high quality of the nut, the cls-832-2 is an 2 nd generation, self-clinching nut. It is new and replaced the cls-832, this ratcheting, stainless steel nut is quality made to order, comes with an 50-pack stock, and is basic to use. It is a keyed nut, so you can see the numerals on the side, the nuts are self-clinching, and can be used with closed. The penn engineering Pem cls-832-2 stainless self-clinching nut is a fantastic substitute for people that need a with better strength and heat resistance, it is produced with a self-clamping system which makes it facile to handle and makes it fast and basic to create Pem fh-632-10 zi zinc plated steel self cinching studs 6-32 x 58 lg 50 pcs. Is a terrific substitute for folks hunting for vehicle or carabiner key straps, they are also an unrivaled surrogate for use with other steel self cinching studs 6-32 x 58 lg 50 pcs.