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Nut Splitter

This Nut Splitter is a first-class tool for breaking pieces into small pieces, the tool grants a sharp point breaker cracker remover extractor repair tool kit.

Nut Splitter Tool

This 4 pcs Nut Splitter breaker cracker remover extractor repair tool kit 9 mm-27 mm is a tool that can help you remove a Nut from a machine, the tool provides a sharp blade and a sharp point so you can get the Nut out quickly and easily. This tool is top-grade for an individual who wants to clean up machine control panels and other machine parts, this large Nut Splitter is best-in-the-class for splitting large nuts. It is fabricated of heavy-duty nylon webbing and is capable of splitting any size nut, the ridgeyard steel heavy duty Nut splitters are valuable for taking off nuts and bolts. They're made of chrome steel and are also reversible, this means that you can take them off with just hissing and rips, or you can use a sharp knife to take off the ends. The splitters are effortless to adopt and are top-of-the-line for removal of nuts and bolts, this 3 pc Nut Splitter set is fantastic for breaking down those big 3 pc nuts. It comes with a claw grip, so you can easily handle the tools, the compact design also makes it facile to take with you when you're ready to break them down. This set of tools is sterling for any kitchen.