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Nut Cracker Tool

Looking for a fun and uncomplicated to operate crab Cracker tool? Search no more than the Nut Cracker tool! This Tool helps you crack eggs and claws from seafood, and takes minutes of your time to enjoy your seafood meal.

Metal Nut

This metal nutcracker Tool opens seafood, shellfish, and crab bodies with ease, it is in like manner an unrivaled Tool for cracking open cramps and test crabs for seafood. This Tool is straightforward to adopt and comes in an 5, 9 pack. This is a seafood tools crab crackers set opener, it offers a fern-like design with a crab in a clove-like position. The shells are chipped and ground with a scotsman's forge, it is a top-of-the-heap Tool for cutting open seafood, such as lobster, leg, or cartilage. The fern-like handle with the crab is a design feature, the set opener is a connor's tool, and is of wooden box make. It offers a chiselled look and feeling, it is 3. 5" tall, 2, 5" wide, and 1. 5" deep, this set of two old-fashioned Nut crackers is a top-of-the-heap substitute to enjoy a few minutes of peace in your life. The crackers are made of wood and are lined with seafood, such as lobster or crab, you'll admire the alternative they feel and the look of the durable tool. Looking for an alternative to get your hands on or nuts before you buy them? This Tool is terrific for that! The metal you can open up any seafood you put in it in seconds.