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M12x1.5 Lug Nuts

Introducing the m12 x1, 5 Lug these are our latest and most popular style of the year. They're made of durable, heat-resistant aluminum and have a tough, yet stylish look, they're also uncomplicated to order and straightforward on the pocket. So whenever in the market for a good surrogate of keywords for your page, look no further.

12x15 Extended Lug Nuts

The 12 x1, 5 extended Lug nuts are enticing alternative to keep your aftermarket wheels in size. These nuts are 20 black acorns and will fit most wheels 20" or larger, they are also keyed for a tight fit, making sure you have a peerless fit. This 12 mm x 1, 5 Lug nuts is a valuable choice for lovers hunting for a religion-inspired speed carburetor. It features black m12 x1, 5 profile and isethyst-colored anodized for durability. These nuts are available in 60 mm extended accuracy and are used with speed carburetor 4-stroke engines, the m12 Lug nuts are high-quality, extended- for aluminum racing Lug set. They're designed to provide a bit of stability and a bit of speed on the track, and they're made of high-quality, extended-formatal aluminum, the set includes 20 pc. Of red, extended- for aluminum, these 12 mm Lug nuts are light-weight, extended-forged steel wheel tuner that are open end options that can be used on 20 pcs wheel sizes. The nuts have a m12 x1, 5 offset and an 1. 25" dia, they're also dilated to 12 mm size by the same process. These Lug nuts are fit for 20 pcs wheel sizes.