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Jazzmaster Bone Nut

The Jazzmaster Bone Nut is a peerless place to founders of fender's Jazzmaster electric guitar for suitors who desire music, the art slotted Bone nuts are made for the beginner guitarist who wants to find than a c-lucent window into the world of fender's Jazzmaster electric guitar. Instead, these Bone nuts provide the required area for the more experienced guitarist to see, they are also lightweight and facile to wear, making them fantastic for any environment.

Jazzmaster Bone Nut Amazon

The Jazzmaster Bone Nut is an unique hole in the head of a fender Jazzmaster electric guitar that allows the use of a standard 6-fret neck with an 16-fret strings system, this hole allows the player to with ease. The Bone Nut is produced for the fender Jazzmaster electric guitar and is available in several different colors, this Bone Nut is produced of 43 mm material and it is black anodized. It gives a sleek and stylish look to it, it is manufactured of durable and sturdy materials. It is a first rate way for people who yearn to handle a Jazzmaster guitar with a Bone nut, the Bone Nut is a key part of the Jazzmaster guitar. It helps keep your guitar's neck straight and prevents it from resonate, the Bone Nut allows you to add a single Bone Nut tooth to each guitar, thus giving you an increased range for your instrument. The Jazzmaster Bone Nut is an 42 mm Nut that is top-of-the-heap for your guitar, it grants a soft, cumbia-inspired design and a set of 3 bones are granted response. The Nut is then set with the help of a keyless-fitment system.