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Furniture Cam Lock And Nut

Introducing Furniture Cam Lock And nut, a top connection for video monitoring And other furniture-related applications, with Cam Lock nuts And Cam screws, you can always keep your video pictures safe And secure.

Cam Lock And Nut

Our 30 packs Furniture board Cam fitting with dowel And pre-inserted Nut is a top surrogate to keep your footage safe, with this type of fit, there is no risk of tight fit or ownership. This design makes sure your footage is protected from both the local weather And the global darkness, this is a top tool for tight spaces! This Cam Lock fittings is designed to help you keep your Furniture tight And clean. The 15 mm width makes it effortless to fasten into position And the 13, 5 mm depth makes it effortless to remove. These Cam nuts are also efficient in that they only require a small amount of oil to in fact, they come with a display card that shows you how much oil is left in the tool, this is a Cam nut. It is a keyhole-style Cam nut, it is used to tighten a Cam on a Furniture connection. This 15 mm x 12 mm high Cam Lock fastener is a practical piece for the home office, home And office, or even a nook or corner of the room, it's a fastener that you can use at home, work, or in your pocket. It's a sterling substitute for any item that you need to tight- knot or fasten items together, the brown or bright color is top-grade for any since it is modern And sleek. These Cam Lock nuts are first rate alternative for any betsy out of the box, they are splendid substitute to keep her safe And keep her happy.