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Ford Locking Lug Nut Key

This for Key is a fantastic surrogate to protect your purchase from thieves, it is manufactured of durable materials and grants achna-searched for security. This Key is needled with and is encrypted with a password.

Ford Locking Lug Nuts

This product is a Ford Locking Lug nuts for the acorn wheel, they are 12 x1. 5 and will fit most brands and sizes, they are oe style and fit through a leaking point on the wheel. The Nut is there to keep the wheel from turning on the Lug nut, but it's also there to keep the wheel from coming off the Lug Nut when you're not looking, this wheel Lug Nut is unequaled for the Ford 4 chrome acorn wheel. It's an 12 x1, 4 cone seat wheel that locks into a small hole in the top of the wheel. It's made of chrome, and it's exceptional for securing the wheel to the seat, the 24 piece black spline 14 x1. 5 Locking Lug Nut is unequaled for your Ford car, it is a splendid surrogate to keep your car secure and keep your finances from screwed. We offer it in 2 sizes for the f-150 Ford car, the black spline 14 x1. 5 peerless for Ford cars, the black spline 16 x2 is for the Ford cars with for Lug Nut with 7 spacing, 5 m14 flange and black acorn close end, for those who ache to tighten up their wheels, this Lug Nut is perfect. It extends a tight fit and is manufactured of hard plastic.