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Connecting Cap Nut

This 10-packhex socket Connecting Cap nuts set for furniture beds cupboard m6 x15 mm, is an unequaled alternative to connect to Cap nicks and socket tips without having to remove the cap. This set includes 10 nuts in black and 10 nuts in white.

Cap Nuts And Connector Bolts

This is a Cap nuts and connector bolts set for the 9, 5 lbs bulk hardware screws. They are excellent alternative to get to know the different types of nuts and bolts before buying, the washer is to protect the Nut while in use and to make it easier on the user. The pin is to attach the Nut to the top of the screw, it is a mix lot set so there is plenty of variety to be had. This product is a Connecting Cap nut, it is a type of nuts that connect to a Cap on a gear wheel. The name refers to the combs of combs that are used to connect Cap nuts to the gear wheel, the combs are also called combs. This 10-pack hex socket Cap m6 x15 mm black bolts Connecting Cap nuts set is top-notch for suitors need to connect Cap Nut combos with other devices, the black bolts are designed to tailor various hex socket Cap nuts types and compatible with these devices: 10-pack. This is a Connecting Cap Nut set that consists of 50 Cap nuts (black), when fit together, they will allow you to connect Cap nuts to the top of the Nut just like proper capped nuts would. Additionally, there are bolts (red) and nuts (green) for up the caps, this set is ample for any job that may need a cap.