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Brake Line Flare Nut Ford 1/4

This is an excellent substitute for people with inverted Flare tubing that wants to have a flush fit, the Brake Line tube Nut will fit just right to keep the Flare on the end beneficial for an unequaled flush fit.

Best Brake Line Flare Nut Ford 1/4

This is a Brake Line Flare Nut for the Ford 12-20 inverted Flare tube fitting Nut 14 Brake master Line tubing it is used to adjust the number of Brake master Line tubing facing the engine in order to protect the engine block and control the vehicle speed, this is an 12-20 inverted Flare stainless steel tube Nut fit for the Ford inch diameter Brake lines. It is a good fit for both the standard and inverted Flare hardware, this Nut is fabricated of high-quality materials and is a sensational accessory for your Ford driving skills. It's a standard part for the master Line on a Ford vehicle, it's responsible for the Brake Line from the wheel and, as a result, extends a more Flare Nut look. We have a large selection of Brake Line Flare nuts, and 7/16-20 inverted Flare tube Nut fitting for Brake Line tubing gold zinc for is one of the better ones on the market, the bottom of the Flare Nut is fitted with a small ratchet stone to get a first-rate fit, and a sample of each type is included. It was used to hold the chips in place while they were being fitted.